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Advanced Measurements

PAL Series optical measuring devices are designed to provide solutions to the needs of the pvc and aluminum extrusion industry. These devices have software applications that work integrated with durable and state-of-the-art hardware, have an easy-to-use user interface and unique algorithms. Thanks to these applications, the profiles are inspected quickly and precisely, and errors that may occur in the production process are prevented as soon as possible.

Advanced measurements follow the production process by using the historical or current data of the measured profiles and enable the detection of possible errors that may occur in the future. In advanced measurements, there are two different measurement methods as SPC and Comparison Software.

SPC software: It is a method of measuring and controlling quality by monitoring the production process. This method ensures that errors can be detected before they occur. With the data collected from the measurements made on the PAL Series devices, the process adequacy and process performance calculations of the profile manufacturing processes (Cpk & Ppk) are made. Thanks to these analyses, profile manufacturing processes can be kept under control.

Comparison Software: Measurements of a profile made at various times are compared and the changes on the measurements are analyzed. In this way, the changes in the mold can be easily observed.

Check out the product catalog for more detailed information.

Check out the product catalog for more detailed information.

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