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Pixera PAL Series-PAL200PRO is an optical measuring device that enables rapid quality control application in pvc and aluminum extrusion lines. The devices can make precise measurements near the extrusion lines without being affected by environmental conditions such as temperature, dust and vibration.

PAL200PRO is designed to detect errors that occur in the production process as soon as possible by combining state-of-the-art hardware and software applications.

It prevents human-induced errors with its one-click measurement feature and eliminates the risk of faulty production of profiles thanks to its high-precision measurement capability. With these features, it provides serious savings in terms of time, prestige and cost.

With the data recording method, all measurements are recorded and the results are presented in detail, thus providing line traceability.

The PAL200PRO is delivered with 3xPALSWViewer and 3xRefDesigner, advanced software and GEOS pattern finder software.

Measurement Area Sample Length Measurement Accuracy Measurement Time Machine Dimensions PALSW Viewer RefDesigner Advanced Measurements
200x133mm ~8x5inch 1-350mm <±15µm 3-10 sec 1300x700x1750mm 3x 3x

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