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PAL Series optical measuring devices are designed to provide solutions to the needs of the pvc and aluminum extrusion industry. These devices have software applications that work integrated with durable and state-of-the-art hardware, have an easy-to-use user interface and unique algorithms. Thanks to these applications, the profiles are inspected quickly and precisely, and errors that may occur in the production process are prevented as soon as possible.

RefDesigner is a reference file preparation application where the dimensions and tolerances of the profile to be measured are entered. In addition to industry-accepted standards such as TS EN 12020-2, TS EN 755-9, measurement can also be defined according to special standards to be determined by users. In addition, the software includes geometric tolerances (GD&T) specified in ASME and ISO standards.

Prepared reference files can be transferred to a server over the factory network on personal computers independent of PAL Series optical measuring devices. In this way, the operator who will measure on PAL Series devices can take the file from the server and measure with one click.

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