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Software Applications

PAL Series optical measuring devices are designed to provide solutions to the needs of the aluminum extrusion industry. These devices have software applications that work integrated with durable and state-of-the-art hardware, have an easy-to-use user interface and unique algorithms. Thanks to these applications, the profiles are inspected quickly and precisely, and errors that may occur in the production process are prevented as soon as possible.

PALSWViewer: It is a software application that displays the point clouds and CAD drawings of the profiles measured in PAL Series Optical Measuring Devices in various formats.

RefDesigner: It is a reference file preparation application where the dimensions and tolerances of the profile to be measured are entered.

Advanced Measurements: The software, which includes SPC and comparison modules, is used to analyze the measured profiles.

GEOS Pattern Finding Software: It quickly sorts the patterns most similar to a profile by making a geometric search between CAD data such as DXF, DWG and the database.

Measurement Area 150x150mm ~6x6inch 200x133mm ~8x5inch 300x200mm ~12x8inch 300x200mm ~12x8inch 600x400mm ~24x16inch
Sample Legth 1-150mm 1-350mm 1-350mm 1-350mm 1-350mm
Measurement Accuracy <±20µm <±15µm <±25µm <±15µm <±25µm
Measurement Time 5-15sec 3-10sec 5-15sec 3-10sec 3-10sec
Machine Dimensions 470x350x600mm 1300x700x1750mm 1600x700x1750mm 1600x700x1750mm 2000x800x1750mm
PALSW Viewer 1x 3x 1x 3x 3x
RefDesigner 1x 3x 1x 3x 3x
Advanced Measurements X X

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PALSW Viewer


GEOS Pattern Finding Software

Advanced Measurements

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